Creation: The Critical Component to Your Success

I am a creative entrepreneur, so I’m always thinking of new things to create. Each time I’m able to use my creative talents I gain more confidence in my skill level. So I do believe that the critical component to my success is creation. This article hit the nail right on the head.

Zinga Hart

Welcome Success Seeker!

This next one is for you. 

Someone once told me, you attract your self in others. I imagine, with this knowledge in mind, that those who read this blog (many thanks btw!) are a bit like me. In this sense, you might be introverted with an eye for big dreams, ideas, and visions and a passion for placing others in line with their success. Sweet.

I get it, what a rush! The complexity of human life, a life of which you seek clarity and productivity. Not just any productivity, though, but purposeful productivity! The kind that people would gladly do if there were no limits in their way.

Yet, while some of us on the path to success may be confident in our steps forward, others are only beginning their journey. So this next move for you is perhaps the pivotal move you must master in order…

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7 Ways to Stay More Organized at Home and Work

7 Ways to Stay More Organized at Home and Work

Do you have a problem staying organized and focused? This is an issue for many people today, at home and on the job. Adopt the following 7 practices, tips, and strategies, and you will find yourself clutter free and focused, organized and more productive.

1 – Let Technology Help You

There are several applications and pieces of software that can keep you organized at home and on the job. The following apps are some of the most popular for organizing work, handling travel plans, freeing you from text message overwhelm and helping you in other important aspects of your personal and business lives.

  • GroupMe



  • Track My Life
  • Dropbox
  • CamCard
  • Expensify
  • Tripit
  • Hashtags
  • MailTime
  • HabitList
  • Toodledo
  • Cold Turkey
  • ProcrasterApp
  • CoSchedule
  • Venmo

2 – List Your Big 3 Every Day

Write down your top 3 tasks for the day. Accomplish or complete these first, before you do anything else. You will find your productivity soar, and your organizational skills improve.

3 – Do One Thing At a Time

Do you remember a few years back, when multitasking was all the rage? As it turns out, you get more accomplished when you focus on one task at a time. The human brain works better when it is devoted to one train of thought. Research backs up this belief, showing that multitaskers suffer higher levels of stress and anxiety, and more disorganization as well.

4 – Handle Things Once

Deal with your mail as soon as you take it from your mailbox. Don’t take it inside, lay it down on your desk or counter, intending to deal with it later. Do the same thing with every physical and virtual object or piece of information you have to deal with.

Handle everything one time, and you cut down on the time spent trying to organize your life.

5 – Simplify

Keep Things Simple

Keep Things Simple

Do you really need another purse or pair of shoes? How many sports jerseys are enough? Do you have too many televisions, smartphones, tablets, and computers? How many coffee cups can you drink out of at one time? Take some time to simplify your life. Organization is easier when you have fewer things to deal with.

6 – Learn to Say No

Sometimes organization simply means saying no. The more times you agree to help someone out with a task or chore the more you are putting on your plate. Just like the last tip, simplifying, learning to say no means fewer obligations and simpler organization.

7 – Clean Your Workstation

Work Area

Work Area

Relatively recent research about clutter reveals a simple way to organize your life. Did you know that everything in your field of vision is being processed by your eyes and mind? You may be consciously writing a report or listening to a conference call. At the same time, your brain is trying to handle any and all visual data that your eyes are processing. Clear your workstation of everything but the essentials you need to do your job and you will find your ability to stay organized and focused improving.

7 Ways to Stay More Organized at Home and Work.

Hackers What Can They Do?


Hello Everyone,  I am sorry that I have not posted in a while.  It has been one computer issue after another.  Today, I want to share some things that hackers can and will do with your site if it is not protected.  Also, I want to let you know that I have been working on some new material for my site.  Hope everyone that is a Mother had a wonderful Mother’s Day.

What Hackers Do With Compromised WordPress Sites

PLEASE NOTE: This entry was posted on Word Fence in Learning, Research, WordPress Security on April 19, 2016,by Dan Moen

We often talk to site owners who are surprised that their sites are targeted by attackers. Most of them assume that if there isn’t any juicy data to steal, like credit card numbers, that compromising their site is a worthless exercise. Unfortunately, they are wrong. Aside from data, a compromised site’s visitors can be monetized in various malicious ways.  The web server can be used to run malicious software and host content and the reputation of the domain name and IP address can be leveraged.

Last month we ran a survey that included the following open-ended question for people who reported that their site had been compromised:

What did the hackers do to your site?

We received a total of 873 responses that could be categorized, which we did by hand. The chart below reflects the results. Many of the responses described multiple categories, so the percentages on the chart below deliberately add up to greater than 100%.

We did not include categories for “installed backdoor” or “installed malware”. We consider that to be more of a means to an end. Instead, we focused on answering the question, “what’s in it for the attacker?”.


As you can see from the chart there are a wide variety of things that attackers are doing with compromised WordPress sites. Let’s take a look at each of them, so we can better understand the motive behind the attacks that we are constantly defending against.

Defaced Site / Took Offline

In some cases, hackers replace your content with their own. The most common were political content from terrorist groups and the like. The next most common was hackers simply bragging that they hacked your site. In all of these cases, the attacker is doing absolutely nothing to obscure what they have done, anyone who visits the site immediately knows that you’ve been hacked.

In other cases the attackers just destroy your site in some way, taking it offline. Based on what we see when performing forensic research on hacked sites, in the majority of these cases, the attacker just screwed up what they were doing and accidentally took your site down.

Example of defaced website courtesy of


What’s in it for the attacker?

For the attackers who replace your site with political propaganda, your site is just free advertising for their cause. Those that brag about taking your site down are looking for recognition.

Send Spam

Spam email continues to be a huge issue. According to Statistica, 54.4% of all email traffic on the internet was spam in December of 2015. According to our survey respondents, 19.8% of compromised WordPress sites are used to send email spam.

In many cases, the site owner was not aware that it was happening for quite some time. In some cases, they notice a slow down in site performance or a spike in server utilization that tips them off. Or their host recognizes it and alerts them.

Unfortunately, a very high percentage don’t find out until their domain has been blacklisted by spam watchdog services like Spamhaus. If you depend on email for communication with your customers or others it can have devastating consequences.

What’s in it for the attacker?

The attacker gets two huge benefits. First, they get to use the server resources that you’re paying for free of charge. Second, until they ruin your reputation, their email delivery benefits tremendously from originating from your domain and IP address. Ultimately they are trying to get people to click through to their malicious websites.

SEO Spam

There are a number of ways attackers can leverage your website to improve their search engine rankings. The first is to simply host pages on your domain, accruing the benefits of your Domain Authority and clean reputation. Example page below.

The next is to plant links throughout your site to the site(s) they want to give an SEO boost. Since backlinks are still the most important SEO ranking factor, an attacker who compromises a large number of sites can game search engine rankings in a big way.

Many of our respondents used the term “pharma hack” to describe this type of attack because it has recently been used a lot to boost the rankings of pharmaceutical sales sites.



What’s in it for the attacker?

As I’m sure most of you know, ranking well for popular search terms is a great way to drive traffic to websites. By gaming the system with SEO spam, attackers are able to divert traffic away from legitimate sites toward their own.

Malicious Redirect

Redirects are an incredibly effective way for attackers to funnel traffic to malicious websites. The unsuspecting user doesn’t have to click on a hyperlink or advertisement for it to work, they are taken there directly.

Sometimes the attacker will take a very aggressive approach, redirecting all traffic to a malicious site or sites. But in many cases, the attackers will employ measures to avoid detection, such as only redirecting some URL requests, and in some cases only activating the redirect for specific browsers or device types.

What’s in it for the attacker?

The motive here is simply to drive traffic to their malicious content.

Host Phishing Page

Phishing pages attempt to fool the visitor into providing sensitive information. In some cases, they impersonate a bank or retailer and try to get you to give them valuable information like credit card numbers directly. In others, they try to capture your username and password to various sites, including your WordPress site if you’re not careful.

Phishing page example courtesy of


What’s in it for the attacker?

The value of your credit card number is obvious. They can use other data to break into important online accounts, use it for social engineering or spear phishing attacks or to steal your identity.

Distribute Malware

Once they have compromised your site, attackers can install malware that in turn installs malware on your website visitor’s computers without their knowledge. This is an incredibly scary proposition for you as a site owner.

If Google detects that it is happening they will flag your site via their safe browsing program. This will cause your SEO traffic to drop significantly. For more details please read our recent blog post on the impact of a hacked website on SEO. Worse than that, site visitors that are infected will not be happy with you.

The impact to your reputation could be significant and long lasting. Luckily only 2.9% of respondents reported this.

What’s in it for the attacker?

Installing malware on hundreds or thousands of your site visitor’s computers gives the attacker direct access to steal information or wreak havoc on them.

Steal User Data

Given that most people we talk to assume that attackers are interested in stealing their data, we were surprised to learn that only 1.1% of our respondents reported it happening.

We think the main reason is that the majority of WordPress sites do not store sensitive data beyond user credentials for that site and maybe email addresses. It would also be very difficult for the owner of a hacked site to detect data theft if it occurred, so the numbers are likely understated.

What’s in it for the attacker?

Stolen user credentials could be used to regain entry to the site, even if the site has been cleaned. The username / password combinations can also be attempted on other sites in hopes that the user is repeating use of passwords.

Stolen email addresses can be used for spamming. Obviously, more sensitive information like credit card numbers would be even more valuable.

Attack Site

In some cases, an attacker will decide to use your web server as a platform to launch attacks on other websites. This is relatively rare based on our respondents, who only reported this happening 0.7% of the time.

What’s in it for the attacker?

The attacker gets to use your server free of charge for their malicious activities. They also are much more likely to slip past their targets’ defenses with the attack originating from your domain and IP address. At least until they ruin your reputation.


Ransomware is malicious software that blocks access to your website and demands that you pay a ransom in return for having access restored. This kind of attack has been receiving a lot of attention on blogs and in the press recently. So we were surprised to have only 0.6% of respondents report it.

A screenshot of the screen that TeslaCrypt displays when your files are encrypted. Courtesy Bromium Labs.


What’s in it for the attacker?

If you don’t have backups that you were able to keep out of the hands of the attacker, you may decide that paying the ransom is worth it.

Host Malicious Content

Hackers will very often use your web server to host malicious files that they can call from other servers. They are essentially quietly using your hosting account as a file server.

What’s in it for the attacker?

The attacker gets to store their files free of charge on a server with a domain and IP address that have a squeaky clean reputation.

Referrer Spam

If you use Google Analytics you are likely familiar with referrer spam. Referrer spam is bot traffic to your site set up to look like it is coming from a fake referrer. The spammer is trying to get the website owner to check out where the traffic is coming from, driving traffic to the site.

Referrer spam example courtesy of


What’s in it for the attacker?

As with a lot of the nefarious attacker activities we have already described, they get to use your server free of charge under the cover of your pristine IP address. Their ultimate goal is to drive traffic to one of their websites for reasons that often turn out to be malicious.


If you were of the opinion that your site couldn’t possibly be of interest to hackers, we hope that this post has changed your mind and given you some insight into their motives and methods.

Regardless of what you use your site for, how much traffic it gets or how inexpensive your hosting plan is, an attacker can figure out how to make use of it if they can break in. To learn about how attackers gain access to WordPress sites, check out our blog post from last month.

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May you be safe and blessed in your journey,

Star Harden


7 Questions to Answer Before Starting a New Business

Hello Everyone, I hope this finds you all doing well.  This week I felt the need to share this article I came across about three years ago.  This information is coming from some of the best in their fields.  It is good sound advice to think about.  I hope you like it.


Shark Tank: 7 Questions to Answer Before Starting a New Business

Image result for photo of shark tank

Becoming a business owner and an entrepreneur is an adventure into new, exciting territory. It takes a special blend of dreams, business sense and looking within for what matters most to you.

If you watch Shark Tank, you know that entrepreneurs go in front of the expert panel looking for funding. It’s great entertainment, but a learning opportunity to see if these entrepreneurs have matched up their dreams with a plan so that others want to invest in their new business too.

Now that I’ve been an entrepreneur for nine years, I get lots of calls for advice and tips on how to start a new business successfully. There is no one easy answer. But if you can answer these questions, it can help you make sure it’s not only the right decision, but the right time.

  1. Why do you want to start a business?

Know the deep down, real reason you want create this new business. It must be more than a career or job you want to leave behind. Motivation comes from what you want, not just what you want to avoid.

Also, if you are looking for a completely flexible schedule because you’re in charge, or a quick financial payoff, talk with other business owners and get a realistic picture. Be honest with yourself and make sure your reasons will carry you through the twists and turns you’ll experience as an entrepreneur.

  1. Why does the marketplace need your product or service?

Know why your new service or product will meet a need in the market. It doesn’t have to be a one-of-a-kind product, but know what will distinguish your business from the rest in very practical, real ways.

  1. How will you get your clients or customers?

Determine where your customers will come from and how they will hear about your business. If you have a product or service that needs lots of customers to reach your financial goals, then you’ll need a high-volume marketing plan.

As an example, if you have a jewelry business or a retail store, you’ll need continued awareness by lots of people. In contrast, if you have a consulting or niche expert business, you may have a greater emphasis on growing key relationships with target clients and with those who you will recommend you.

How you get your customers and how many you’ll need drives the investment, how you spend your time and how long it will take to reach your income targets. This is fundamental to your plan and can help you confirm that your financial goals are realistic.

  1. What will it be like when you have reached your desired state for the business? How long will it likely take to get there?

Dream. Know your north star. Your desired state must be unique to you, not just a revenue target. Write down what it will be like, what will be happening, and the evidence you’ll see. This vision will be updated over time, but think big and remember you will get there in steps. This clarity will help you make wise short-term decisions and stay motivated.

Also, consider transitioning into your new business by starting it while at your current job or before you finish school. If you know you’ll have a long ramp-up time, start as early as you can.

  1. What financials are essential to make it work for you and your family?

If your best-case scenario in 2 or 3 years creates an income that won’t be enough, then you’ll have to adjust your plan. Also, what is the maximum you want to invest in the first 1 or 2 years? Can your business be successful with this investment? This seems obvious, but many new business owners haven’t really developed a realistic financial plan, which means you can end up someplace you never intended.

  1. Who are your expert advisors to help you make it happen?

Last year I wrote about the need for a blend of advisors, or dream team, especially as a new business owner. Build relationships with multiple experts to advise you on marketing, the operational keys for running a business, the marketplace and include another entrepreneur who can be your wise counsel. Some may be paid advisors, but others can be mentors who offer you guidance.

This gap in knowledge was one of my biggest surprises because there was so much to know. At first, I didn’t even know what I didn’t know. Others were essential in educating me along the way.

  1. If anything were to get in your way, what would it be?

Answer this honestly. It’s essential to know this answer so you can anticipate and plan accordingly.

I’ve heard answers like “my lack of knowledge about this market,” “my discomfort with selling,” “that I have no investment money,” and “second-guessing myself.” If you are about to start a business that will require selling your ideas or a product (and most do) and this makes you uncomfortable, you have some options: a) get help to dramatically improve your skills and your comfort level; b) partner with someone who does this well; or c) regroup on your plans. But don’t overlook this question because leaving this unaddressed will guarantee it will reappear again in the future.

This is not as tough as going on Shark Tank, but finding the answers will take some thought and some work.

Follow your dreams. Take risks. Be bold. But, also be smart, plan, and get the advice you need. It’s not one or the other. You can dream and plan! This balance of dreaming and planning is what successful business owners do.

Experts, Patti Johnson – Written by Patti Johnson on Thursday, April 4, 2013 9:00 – Comments (36)


Hello Everyone,  sorry it has been a while since my last post.  This illness got the best of me and my family. We are doing much better and it is my intention to post one a week again.  I hope you are all doing well.  I am grateful for my family, friends and all of  you.  It is important to me to let everyone know I appreciate them and am grateful to have them in my life.  With being so sick there were days I wondered if I would lose my spouse or even if I would make it.  This is why my post is about being gratitude.

Gratitude: The Personal Development Tool

If you are serious about improving yourself, you need to know there are a few different ways you can accomplish that. In addition, you need to know is imperative that you start somewhere. Often, all the personal development tools that are out there overwhelm people.  That leads to no improvement whatsoever.


A great tool for you, if you are serious about improving your personal development, is to think of the concept of gratitude.  Gratitude is something that can be exceedingly helpful to you in your quest to better yourself, and here are some ways you can put gratitude to work for you.

Think about what you are grateful for every morning.  For most people, waking up is a chore.  They wish they could sleep more often and they don’t cherish the idea of waking up and going to work.  Even more, reason for you to make a real effort to get up in the morning giving thanks instead of complaining.  Then, you start your day on a high note and you start helping good things to happen.

Now, it does not matter who you give thanks to.  If you are religious, you may wish to thank God, but if you are not, it is as acceptable to just feel the gratitude in your heart.

Keeping a journal about the things you are grateful/thankful for can help with your gratitude.  Keep the journal with you at all times so you can jot down notes if you need to.  That way, whenever you are feeling down, or as if you don’t have anything, you can open your gratitude journal and see all the things you like about your life.  It doesn’t have to be huge things you are thankful for, either.  Even if you are thankful for jellybeans, that counts!


Express your gratitude for those around you who make your life a better place.  We all spend a lot of time complaining about the people who make us miserable, why not take that time and talk to people who make us happy!

Look for ways to show your gratitude to people.  You may not have much money, but you can write them a kind note.  You can do them a favor, or babysit, or cook them a meal. Showing your gratefulness helps other people do the same.  Everyone has a tough time in life, so it is a good thing when you can alleviate someone else’s suffering.

Finally, be mindful of times during the day where you were not grateful, but could have been.   The more you see positive the better you will feel and attract others to you.  We need to remember the good things in life.  There is enough negativity in the world today so, let us not add to it.   This teaches you how to act in the future.

life growing

As you can see now, gratitude can be an important part of your life. Even if you start with just a little gratitude, it can grow into something that is beautiful in your life.  If you want to see your life blossom, become someone who is more grateful.

Personal development is one of the most important things you will do for yourself and your business.  One way I have learned some of my personal development has been from Jay and Stuart who are my mentors along with a whole community of others whom inspire me and encourage me.  If you are interested in learning more about Jay and Stuart click here.

As always be safe and blessed in your journey, please like, share or leave me a comment.  Looking forward to hearing from you.


5 Ways To Secure Is You Site

Hello Everyone, I hope that this finds you all doing well. As you know I have been ill and it has taken a tole on my family and me. On the heals of that my computer fell ill as well so, I thought.

This person called my home portraying himself as a Windows Microsoft Representative saying that my computer had been sending error messages to Microsoft and that it was very important that it be fixed. He showed me through the Eventview on my computer what they had been seeing. Once, he was able to show me that without him even in my computer and him showing the Microsoft certification seal. He was allowed into my desk top and laptop. He showed me things that I did not know were happening to my computer.

He showed me that they could clean up the errors and then stated that they had programs that would protect, clean and anti hacking for a one time cost of $138 for the desktop and $99 for the laptop. So, I took it and then. I saw the “Blue Screen Of Death” not only once but twice since March 4, 2016. I began to think something was else was wrong and contacted Geek Squad. Who by the way I have used for many years.

The GeekSquad Tech was able to show me that all that program was doing is clearing the errors and not fixing them. He showed me that I could clear them myself. He was able to fix both computer.  Once, I get better I plan to update this post.

More, now then ever you need to protect you computer and website.

How Secure Is Your Web Site?

Like most business owners, you may be in the opinion that your business website is unlikely to be hacked or compromised, well think again.

By Angie Stewart | 9 Feb, 2015.
If you, like many business owners, are of the opinion that your business website is unlikely to be affected by cyber crime, please think again and read on. According to a 2012 Sophos Security Threat Report, on average 30,000 websites are hacked every day.Feb 9, 2015.  Whilst some big brands may be specifically targeted, generally, cyber criminals simply use highly effective computer software programs to automatically detect vulnerable websites, which are perfect to infect, no matter how big or small they are.

After a year of big data breaches like Home Depot and Sony, and widespread security vulnerabilities in our shared software, which spawned the likes of Heartbleed and Shellshock, it’s easy to predict that cybersecurity will be a hot topic in 2015.

Our new Security Threat Trends 2015 report investigates the biggest security risks on the horizon and explains the real-world impact of evolving threats on businesses and consumers.

Nearly two dozen cybersecutity experts from Georgia Tech, business, government and defense, share their observations about emerging trends in a more connected world — where cyberattacks grow more persistent and sophisticated by the day. While some threats and response mechanisms continue unchanged year over year, other conflicts and challenges are becoming dramatically more intense. Academia, industry and government must work together in bold new ways to solve the grand challenges of cybersecurity. According to Georgia Tech Institue for informaltion Sercurity & Privacy (

It is said that ultimately you can protect your site from approximately 80% of day to day cyber attacks. Here are somethings you can do.

  1. Keep you software up to date

  2. Be Mindful of Username & PasswordsColored gears

  3. Protect Your Web Site (Plugin or Extension)

  4. Use A Reputable Hosting Company

  5. Back Up Frequently

Although this is not a exhaustive list it is a start. The havoc that an hacker, malicious spy ware, worms etc.. can be very devastating. Not to mention anyone trying to scam you. Someone, who may call to try and sell you who knows what.  When you check out the links below they will provide you with more detailed information.

I obtain my information from : 12 Tips to Protect Your Company Website From Hackers

As always be safe and blessed in you journey,


4 Ways Social Media Marketing Helps Business

Well, let me say I am sorry this did not get out on time.  We had a power outage and I have been very ill for the past few days.  The power went out just as I was getting ready to post.  Oh, well that is life and you move on.

Good Day everyone,  I hope this finds you all doing well.  I do not know about were you live but here in Mississippi it was a wonderful sunny day.  We worked on getting my grandson’s play set put together. Needless to say we did not get it all done.  Maybe some social media could have help with better instructions. Social Media is important when it comes to your business.  Just read this post and see how it can benefit you and your business. 

How Social Media Marketing Helps Businesses

Photo credit:

Photo credit:

When social media first began, it was all about blogging sites and MySpace. Soon, the birth of Facebook brought with it a sea change that revolutionized the way individuals used social media sites. Over the last decade, social media marketing has transformed the way that companies do business and interact with customers and potential customers.

It has taken quite a long time for many business owners to recognize that a social media site can be used effectively for promoting the company brand. When used properly, the power of social networking sites can quickly generate a plethora of                                                          new business while increasing the company’s productivity.

  • An Increase in Productivity

Research indicates that companies that utilize social media marketing tools boost their level of productivity far beyond companies that do not. Many businesses utilize social media marketing tools to effectively advertise the services and products they provide. Many online users turn to Twitter and Facebook accounts of companies instead of calling one 800 numbers to discuss issues with customer service representatives.

  • A Two-Way Street

Social media marketing has allowed the consumer to gain more power over the company’s a provide services and products. They do this by venting their frustration online using social media. In the open platform, businesses are more likely to handle issues with the services and products they provide in a timely and professional manner, openly on a social media site for everyone to see.

While at first blush this might appear to be a negative for the company, in fact the opposite is true. The quick and positive responsiveness of the company on an open public forum including Twitter and Facebook, and finding a quick remedy to a customer problem shows everyone looking that the company cares about the consumer along with the products or services they sell.

  • Other Valuable Content

Companies that tend to have low levels of success using social media marketing strategies are those that simply want to use social sites for promoting the company. By continually bombarding their social accounts with “buy now” advertisements endlessly, tend to turn off the audience, and have them stop participating.

Alternatively, successful businesses that use proven social media marketing strategies often blend in other valuable content to the blogging site, Facebook, and Twitter page. They provide essential information about things that are pertinent to their targeted audience, whether or not it results in a sale, or is even about anything the company offers.

They understand that the social networking sites are all about being social. They see the value in adding content, with links to sites not owned by them. This builds a significant trust with their customer base, and enhances their reputation as being an expert in a variety of fields.

  • Taking Criticism

One of the most effective social media marketing strategies is to use the websites to obtain valuable feedback from potential customers and existing customers. By using the blog is an online form, the company can listen to the opinions, ideas, and complaints of their customer base, and respond quickly to their needs and desires. This helps the business remains successful in the long run.

4 Ways Social Media Marketing Helps Business

As always be safe and blessed in you journey,


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Today is Productivity Thursday and in the spirit of the theme, I was reading up on productivity tips. I found this great article and felt like I could really relate and got some great tips from it.

I think it’s important even when working from home that you have a certain routine that you follow. It’s so much easier to get things done when you’re organized and know when things are due or what needs to be done. I recommend using a project management software/program such as workboard, asana, trello, or teamwork (if you’re working with a team). The following is from the article that I read.


It can be hard to be productive when you work from home. There are distractions everywhere, from the lay in you could be having to the tempting television. If you struggle to stay productive when y…


New Year Resolution – The Social Media Uphill Struggle

I have been doing some research on using Social Media for my upcoming book, and found this post very interesting. Using Social Media is so very important, but it’s more than just scheduling posts, you need to be engaging your audience. Visit the blogs you follow, share their content, retweet their posts, share their posts on your social media.

I am also going to be giving away a free E-book on Social Media (a chapter from my upcoming book). Keep watching for updates of when that will be happening.

Creative Process


I am still trying to get on top of social media as a sales strategy. Currently I am concentrating on Twitter, Instagram and Etsy as my sales and marketing platforms with bounce backs to my website.

unnamedI’ve joined Google Console (to partner Analytics) and now I’m trying to increase my Twitter presence and using Twitter Analytics to make sure I’m not slipping behind. It’s something I’ve been putting off for ages and it does require some pretty intense admin to keep up with.

unnamedAccording to this article you’re supposed to tweet up to three times a day. This is actually really hard work. Thankfully Twitter lets you draft tweets so I’m banking up as many as I can when I’m in the mood and publishing a selection at the appropriate times. I wish I could do the same thing with Instagram!

As well as this, there’s the problem…

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Five important things any site should have.

Hello Everyone, I hope this finds you all doing well.  I have had a great weekend and trust that you all have had one too.  I enjoyed my weekend with friends and family socializing.   With people I know, like and trust.  This is what inspired me to write about social media to night.  Social Networking sites are a great way to get your information out there but you really need to know what will work best for you.  You will need to post to the ones that will connect you to people who want to get to know, like and trust you as you do them.  

Best Social Networking Sites

How do you know what the best social networking site is for your site? Many business owners just migrate towards Twitter, Myspace and Facebook because they are the most popular.


However, these might not be the best for you. Just because a particular site has the most users does not make it the best.

So what should you look for? Here are five important things any site should have:

#1) Niche specific

Some social networking sites specialize in certain markets. While they have significantly less users than the generic sites, 100% of the people there are going to be interested in your site topic.

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What kinds of niches can you find?

Anything you want. There are social sites for movies, travel, sports, etc. Just about every niche has at least one forum geared towards it, and many blogs.

How do you find these sites?

One of the best ways is to just do an online search like “best social sites for …” and then fill in whatever topic you are looking for. You are likely to get a good list. Also, type in “forum+” or “blog+” and add your market at the end. Both searches will bring up sites that are related to your target market.

#2) Secure sites

There are security issues with many of the smaller sites, so be certain you check on this before getting  cursor-icon-and-word-web-securitystarted. You might want to look them up and read reviews about them before giving out any important information on them. Some of them require some personal information, so knowing the security reputation of a site before using it is smart.

#3) Clear interfaces

Some sites have clear features, some do not. If you need an MIT degree to figure out all the features of a site, than avoid it.

#4) Videos and photos

Try to find sites that offer the ability to upload photos and videos. This simply helps you incorporate a personality into your marketing efforts. Uploading video and photos shows you are using the site for more than just the one way link, and you are serious about entrenching yourself in the community.

#5) Vibrant community

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Look for sites that have a lot of conversation going on. Forms in particular are one of the best social sites around, because they allow you to get in a conversation with your target market. This will help you answer questions and establish yourself as an expert.

The bottom line is, no matter what social site you use, the most important part is that you get involved. Do not just use the site for a one-way link. This is how to brand yourself as an expert and get the most benefit out of your social marketing campaigns.

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